The Gypsy King: World’s No. 1 Heavyweight Champion – The Ring Magazine

Tyson Fury and Wilder

• The Gypsy King: World’s No. 1 Heavyweight Champion – The Ring Magazine

• Anthony Joshua Ranks No. 2 On The Ring’s List

• Do We Expect A #WilderFury3 or #AJFury

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American boxing magazine, The ring – the Bible of boxing, published it’s the latest editorial on the new top heavyweight boxers in the world.

Following the recent fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder where the latter lost the championship belts he had held unto for five years to the former, the boxing magazine released its new ranking of the world champions.

In the new post, Tyson Fury who recently became the WBC heavyweight ranked No. 1 for remaining undefeated after recording 30 fights and 21 knockouts.

Deontay Wilder fell to No. 4 for his loss against Fury. In a recent revelation, he blamed his empathic loss on his heavy entrance costume which took a toll on his knees and sapped the needed energy for the fight.

On the other hand, while Anthony Joshua is taking his heavyweight belts to the streets of Makoko in Lagos, Fury in a rather hilarious viral video was seen checking up on Joshua via facetime. At the end of the video, AJ hints on a match between the two in 2021. In their brief chat after exchanging pleasantries, AJ asks “When are we fighting?”
Then Fury laughs and responds “When are we fighting? Behave yourself.” but AJ continues “It sounds like 2021.”
Fury ends the conversation with “I only called you up to say hello.”

Well, well, we’re not sure how long this chit chat will last having in mind that their eventual face-off is inevitable.

The royal family of Saudi Arabia is all ready to bid a whooping £400m to host Fury’s next fight with Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua after the success they witnessed from Anthony Joshua and Ruiz’ rematch last year.

Frank Warren, Fury’s promoter when asked about where Fury’s next match would take place said it depends on the fighters to decide where they want to fight.

Insinuating that the fights might go where the most money is considering their short-lived career span.