Rudeboy Rules YouTube in 2019

King Rudy

• Reason With Me hits 40 Million views in 8 months

• Rudeboy announces new album in 2020

• Reason With Me becomes the most commercially successful single in Africa – 2019

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Rudeboy, one half of the now defunct duo PSquare who announced the birth of his new record label Fire Department Inc. in September, 2019 via Instagram released the visuals to his hit song ‘Reason With Me’ on 15 April 2019 on the YouTube streaming platform.

The music video for the track has amassed over 40 Million views on YouTube so far, making it the most viewed African music video of the year.

Following such data, it’s safe to say he made the most commercially successful single of the year within the African borders.This feat comes just before an Instagram post which announced a debut solo album from the #FireDepartment singer in 2020.

Although the comparison for who is a better and more successful artiste between the brothers may not be laid to rest anytime soon, this is a trophy for King Rudy that clearly serves as a bargaining tool against his twin.


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