Ogun Kill Fake Pastors!!! – Wizkid Declares!


• Davido promises to take legal actions against COZA.
• Wizkid joins the clergy conversation.
• Jigawa State Government to build 95 new Mosques.
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Following the disclaimer published by Davido about a video of him promoting the COZA annual programme that was posted on Instablog, Wizkid has also taken a firm stand on the issue.

In a tweet which recorded 1500+ likes in less than 2 minutes, Wizkid expressed his disdain for fake pastors and churches. Many believe it is an aftermath of Davido’ disclaimer.

The embattled leader of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA), Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo who just recently got exonerated from the rape allegations against him by Busola Dakolo, wife of singer Timi Dakolo has been dragged online again over a video that showcases the pop star David Adeleke popularly known as Davido promoting his Church’ upcoming event in 2020.

In a statement by Davido, he noted that he made a video for a kid fan but accused the leadership of the church of doctoring the video to serve as a promotional tool for their upcoming event.
Davido expressed his displeasure at this, called it fraudulent and asked that the video be pulled down or he would proceed to take legal actions.
(Photo: Davido Tweet, Davido Tweet II)

In the face of recent happenings, the Jigawa State Government announced its intention to build 95 new mosques across the 30 constituencies of the state. These would include the construction of 90 Friday congregational mosques and five daily prayer mosques. The spokesperson, office of the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Isma’il Ibrahim has hinted that 200 contractors are bidding for the contract.

Nigerians, as expected have taken to their online poll to angrily express their dissapointment in the electoral process and the quality of leadership of public office holders. The most repetitive tweet were suggestions that the public funds be redirected towards project that aid poverty eradication while others think an investment in education would rather be a better use of the funds.

Yet, a good number of others were of the opinion that the state Government must be left to do as it sees fit for the people of the state, their bargaining power was that Christian worship centres are also littered across the country and no one has objected to the opposing faith’ methods of worship.

In the wake of the recent events, the South-South rapper Yung6ix thinks religion has played a major role in degrading the morals of the citizens and projecting the negative aspect of the Nigerian society.
He tweeted, “The reason why fake pastors prevail in Nigeria is simply because of the level of poverty and packaging. People want answers because the system have failed them, people will do anything to be or look successful in Nigeria”.

While we await Daddy Freeze’ comments on the developing stories, it’s time to we dive back into the Twitter trends of today.


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