“It Was a Father’s day Gift” – Lil Wayne Admits He Owns The Gold Pistol Found On His Private Jet

Lil wayne with bumbu

According to court documents obtained from Miami Herald, Lil Wayne admitted being the owner of the gold-plated Pistol found in his luggage, during a raid on his private jet by Federal agents on 23rd Dec, 2019.

Drugs including Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstacy and Marijuana and $25,938 along with the gold-plated pistol Weezy allegedly told federal agents was a gift he received on father’s day were found during the course of the raid

Surprisingly the federal agents after the search, allowed Weezy to leave without charges.

However there are jail time concerns for the grammy-winning Rapper if the case ever made it to a large federal grand jury,

especially because the rapper is a convicted felon from a weapons cased he faced over 10-years ago.