Is it safe to workout while you’re pregnant?

Pregnant woman excercise

This is one of the most frequently asked question about pregnancy. So is it safe to workout while you’re pregnant?

The answer is YES you can in fact staying active throughout your pregnancy can help you stay healthy and feel positive about yourself and it’s absolutely safe for your baby.

Most of the exercises are safe during exercise, however don’t try to overdo any of the exercise instead do exercise in a moderation and stay in your comfort zone. 

If you were active before your pregnancy, you can continue your workout journey in a moderation and do not try to add any new exercise before you consult with your doctor. 

If you’re not familiar with exercise and have no experience before, there is nothing to worry, you can safely start with basic exercise after you consult with your doctor.

Benefits of exercise while you’re pregnant 

There are several research that have shows regular exercise can prevent gestational diabetes (this diabetes happens while you’re pregnant). Well there are more health benefits of exercise while you’re pregnant, such as

  • Reduces the back pain
  • Prevents gestation 
  • Boost your energy and mood
  • Reduces fatigue 
  • Reduce constipation 
  • Enhance your sleep 
  • Get better muscle strength 
  • Reduces the bloating and swelling
  • It may controls the risk of excess weight gain 
  • Exercise might helps to shorten the labour procedure 
  • Speed up the postpartum recovery 

Safe exercise during pregnancy 

A women’s body go through a lot during pregnancy, some changes are perceptible and some are not.

At this point it is important to stay healthy and active to prevent excess weight and other health problems. 

Here are some safe exercise you can perform while you’re pregnant 

  • Jogging and walking 
  • Swimming 
  • Pilates 
  • Prenatal yoga 
  • Low intensity cardio 
  • Low intensity weight training (use light weights)

Who shouldn’t exercise during pregnancy 

Exercise during pregnancy is a healthy option however, it can be harmful for people who have health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, and pregnancy related diseases.

You may want avoid exercise if you have health conditions such as,

  • Vagina spotting/bleeding 
  • Placenta Previa/ low laying placenta
  • If you have any previous miscarriage or chance of miscarriage
  • Avoid exercise if you have delicate cervix 

When should you stop exercising 

Women experience pregnancy differently. Staying active and healthy is important while you’re pregnant and your body is going through extreme changes, this might change your strength level, hormone level and your physical performance, when you do exercise, try not to be hard on you, listen to your body always.

You should stop exercise if you experience 

  • Pelvic or abdominal cramps 
  • If you feel Nauseous or dizziness 
  • Vaginal spotting 
  • Rapid heartbeat 
  • If you feel continues contractions 
  • If you notice any fluid from your vagina/leaking steadily 

You should consult with your doctor if you experience any of this.

Regular exercise while you’re pregnant is safe for you and your baby however it is important for you to stay safe while you exercise, do not push yourself so hard, take it slow and enjoy your pregnancy.


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