Is Fasting Beneficial For Your Health beyond Spiritual Significance?


Many religions follow fasting as part of their tradition, some last for few hours some may last longer than a week

For example the Muslim Ramadan Fasting last for a month,

While Christians famously make reference to Jesus’ Fasting for 40 days and 40 Nights mostly in a quest to punish the body and uplift the spirits

but have you ever thought about the actual health benefits behind all these fasting apart from the religious traditions?

Several researches have shown that fasting has positive impact on your health and also in weight loss journey.

Is fasting good for you?

Several studies show that fasting has a positive impact on brain health and serves as a weight loss tool.

New England journal of Medicine recently published analysis on both human and animal study about intermittent fasting,

according to the analysis practicing intermittent fasting can provide several health benefits which consist of lowering the blood pressure level,

decreasing stress hormones and aiding weight loss.

However, fasting is not a good strategy for a sustainable weight loss says Camila Goodies Celebrity fitness trainer.

Intermittent fasting 

It is also known as intermittent energy restriction, it’s a cycling process between period of eating and fasting.

This form of fasting is the most common and and easy to follow.

There are several ways of intermittent fasting, but the popular one is 16/8 method

this method include 14-16 hours fasting and you will have to restrict your eating intake to 8-10 hours.

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting 

  • It may help you lose weight 

Fasting is a quick and easy way to lose extra pounds,

however Intermittent fasting makes for easier weight loss by bringing down the calorie intake.

According to the research, practicing intermittent fasting over 3-12 weeks was successful in weight loss decreases body fat around 8-16%.

Various studies have shown that intermittent diet is the most successful and long term solution for weight loss.

  • It helps to detoxify your body 

Most of foods we consume today contains lots of unhealthy ingredients and some are toxic to our body.

These toxins stored into your body with fats which can leads to serious health problems.

However during fasting, your body needs energy to function and it will use the stored fat and toxins as alternative source of energy.

This way you will release the toxins and fat from your body with help from liver, kidney and other organs.

  • Boost your brain health 

There are multiple studies showing that practicing intermittent fasting could have a positive impact on your brain health.

During fasting your brain goes to survival mode which helps you focus on the task at hand, and it is also associated with lowering in oxidative stress, decrease in insulin resistance,

reducing the inflammation and blood sugar level, all of these are great for the brain health.

  • Boost your immune system 

It helps lessen the white cell count, which activates the stem cell based regeneration of new  cells for the immune system as a result boosting your immune system.

Side effects 

Fasting my not be suitable for everyone especially those with health issues such as diabetes or low blood sugar, it can cause serious health problems.

Before you start your fasting make sure to consult with your doctor.Fasting for longer periods also trigger health problems.

Talk to your doctor about your health condition

and if you plan to fast make sure you stay well hydrated and minimize the high intensity workouts.


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