Galaxy Fold smartphones has sold 1 million units claims Samsung

Samung Galaxy Fold
  • Samsung first foldable Smartphones reaches the 1 million Unit sales Landmark
  • The Fold Officially Went On sale In September months after the initial Agreed Launch date due to technical issues especially the cracking screens
  • The device is originally priced at almost $2,000 by Samsung even if its essentially still considered a beta device

Samsung Electronic’s President Young Sohn revealed the stats at the Techcrunch disrupt event in Berlin stating that “And I think that the point is, we’re selling a million of these products,” and “There’s a million people that want to use this product at $2,000.”

This landmark of a million units sold isn’t supposed to be exciting news for a company like Samsung that outsells Apple in the number of mobile devices moved every quarter , the difference this time is that its the company’s first foldable smartphone announced early in 2019 at the MWC ( Mobile World Congress) and released a few months later in April was marred by several technical issues as reviewers discovered multiple errors most prominently the screen cracking.

The products were immediately recalled and would be re-worked only to be released in September 2019, The re-worked version of the Galaxy Fold is considered more durable than the previous version even if some reviewers still experience similar screen issues 

The Disrupt Berlin Conference conversation was focused around growth through innovation, and Sohn used the platform to explain Samsung process of releasing products to get feedback. He said In part if the devices like the Galaxy Fold were kept in the lab awaiting perfection they would not get the necessary feedback they got needed to improve the product.


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