Cold or Hot Shower? – Benefits and the Best way to Shower after Workout

Hot or cold Shower

Both cold and hot water have several benefits to the physical and mental health. 

We all have personal preference when it comes to choosing the temperature of the water and listen what your body needs. 

Benefits of cold shower 

Most of us don’t like taking cold shower early in the morning but did you know that taking cold shower can make you better ready for the day ? yet we hesitate to shower in the cold water. Taking cold shower can benefit you in so many ways

  • Taking cold shower will help you wake up in the morning and make you feel fresh 

When you take cold shower you feel a bit of shock and this will help you take more oxygen, increase your heart rate and vigilance.

  • Cold shower is good for your skin and hair

Taking cold shower will help to lock the moisture in your face and tighten the pores. 

For the head and hair, it will helps to strengthen the scalp  and it adds shine to the hair.

  • Cold shower will helps to speed up the muscle recovery 

According to research taking cold shower can speed the muscle recovery and prevent muscle soreness. Many athletes around the world use ice bath after workout or match because it lessen the inflammation and swelling after workout.

Cons of cold shower 

Exposure to cold water can slow down the blood flow and compress the blood vessel.

Taking cold shower while you’re sick can be a bad choice because it can slow down your immune system.

Benefits of hot shower 

Taking hot shower at the end of the day will ease your stress level and get you a relaxing goodnight sleep. 

There are other benefits of taking hot shower such as,

  • Ease the sore muscles

Hot bath can increase the blood circulation in your body which significantly ease the sore muscles and encourage the healing process and lessen the inflammation.

  • Better skin health 

Taking hot bath can helps to open up the pores and cleanse out the dirt and oil from your skin.

Cons of hot shower 

If you have high blood pressure, taking hot shower might be a bad choice, because there is chance of  escalating the blood pressure level.

Taking hot shower can worsen certain skin conditions such as eczema. It can also lead to dry skin, if you don’t moisturise it regularly.

  • So what is the best way to shower after your workout 

The best way to recover after your workout is taking contrast shower (contrast water therapy)it is also known as recovery shower. 

The idea of contrast shower is alternating between cold and hot water and this will encourage the circulation and helps to ease the sore muscles. 

Here’s how contrast shower works:

It is essential to wait at least 20-30 minutes before you hit the shower after gym and you can start with warm/hot shower and stand for 3 minute then switch to cold water for 1 minute then repeat this for 3-5 times and end it with taking cold shower.

Contrast shower may not be for everyone, if you have any health issues please consult your doctor before you hit the shower.