Artists Who Failed To Live Up To Their Own Hype

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• Artists Who Failed To Live Up To Their Hype

• An In-depth Analysis: Achieving Longevity In The Music Industry

• Why Are There So Many Female Artists On This List?

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The sky is indeed wide enough for everyone to fly, in the same way, it is wide enough for anyone to fall right through it unhindered.

It may work just fine in other facets of life but when it comes to the music industry, the phrase “to whom much is given, much is expected” has to be “to whom much is expected, much is expected”. Corny right? But just as true! No one really cares how you make it out.

We celebrate with you when you become a success. This is exactly what moved Burna boy to make his controversial statement of “no one paved the way for me”.(Photo: pave)

The statement in itself holds some iota of truth but also reeks of ego. And that’s what actually got Nigerians offended. The arrogance! Not the fact! 

Recently, I was having an intense conversation with a friend.

Although I strongly stood by my point when I told him that “I prefer an artist grows with time, song after song or better put in Olamide’ infamous expression “every single was a hit back to back” than experience an ‘overnight success'”, it was in writing this article that I convinced myself; I was right after all.

A majority of artists want to rise in the industry in the fastest time possible. They would be sure of medals if this was that sort of sport. Drake says it best on his track Ométa “I wish that I was playin’ in a sport where we were gettin’ rings, I wouldn’t have space on either hand for anything”

Here, what guarantees longevity in the industry is the quality of the foundation an artist has laid out and the type of building blocks he can come up with. I’m referring to the quality of relationships, relevance in the community discussions and statistical figures as a true measure of success. Not necessarily speed. You’re not an athlete, you are an artist. Get it! 
Common Failure Recipes Among Artists:

1. One-hit Wonders

Content creation and management is a key factor in determining longevity in any field regardless. It as simple as the adrenaline rush a teenager experiences, getting too excited after taking a super dope photo and wanting to post it immediately on the gram. Instead of editing the photo, taking more cool pictures and then scheduling their posts periodically so they never run out of content to feed their audience.

In the same way, when an artist stumbles upon a hit single, is impatient to create a sound first, master it and replicate it through other great songs before hitting the limelight. This almost always results in a “one-hit wonder” guy. Remembered for not too long. Sad! 
And every one-hit-wonder kid falls into the next trap. Failing from success. Outright ignorance!

2. Failure of Success

Basking in the euphoria of newfound stardom for just too long is another popular recipe artists conjure into their breakfasts to ensure a brief stench in the industry halls.

The industry is regularly bombarded with contents and having in mind that the attention span of humans is very short, once an artist’ music is no longer sleeping on charts, on rotation on radio and TV, the conversations around then begin to fade off rapidly.

But why does it always have to be the artist’s fault?

3. Setting The Bar Above Their Own Reach:

Again, this recipe works best with one-hit wonders. They just can’t replicate the quality of artistry in their subsequent songs for some reason. Eventually, their fans lose interest in their music and switch loyalty to other better performing artists. It’s really that fast and simple.
Especially in cases where the artist lacks character!

4. Lifestyle Changes

Staying true to who you are once the big cheques begin to roll in is really a test of character for any artist but especially for hip-hop artists. The seduction of a luxurious lifestyle and building new companions can rip anyone of their royalties faster than they can come up with another hit track. Case closed! No funds stashed away to record new music or collaborate with pricey content creators. And then the flame goes out and the applause gradually fades off.

Or for those who are just too petty,

5. Family And Other Non-career Related Goals

Amidst all the hype, fame and whatnot, you must come to terms that artists are also only regular guys like you and I. Well, not exactly you and I, I am some sort of celebrity you know this! Back to it, we have personal concerns, friends and families to attend to. Some times, this “me time” gets in the way of our career as it applies to other fields like sports, business, medicine, plumbing, teaching and can complete the unending list.

At other times, it’s not family or friends, it’s something entirely different. It could be stuff we were involved in before the fame. It could even be our health. Who knows? A random list of things that could be demanding enough to snatch our ample attention from feeding you with great music. Lol. I literally just became a celebrity off piecing this article for you. Lol.
Now, this is where the fistfights get dirty and really expensive. 

6. Record Label Fights

Most of these recipes are only applicable to unsigned artists or independent artists as you would like to call them. Although some consultants propose that artists put out their music independently until they hit their break, most artists prefer the cover and leverage a label offers. And truly a label can offer a lot for artists.

The cons are that the deals don’t always favor the artists’ personal career goals and concerns as much as it satisfies the label executives.

This impending disaster eventually happens once the artist recognizes their potential and the possible financial gains of their art. In the end, rift severed the relationship between the artist and the label

Once this happens, it becomes real traumatic for the artist who barely has enough to live by. In the end, it’s their music career that bears the bulk of the loss. Of course, there are many other ways, an artist can suffer from a label dispute but this seems to be the most likely to happen if not royalties theft. Wink!

7. Career Change

It is difficult to accept but true nonetheless that not everyone wants to remain a celebrity for too long. Some people just want to have a one night stand with the limelight. While others accidentally stumbled upon fame and they prefer not to make the same mistake twice, Lol. So they shy away from the responsibilities of serving as an artist.

It’s true, some just want a “one dance” in the spotlight. Nothing more! People can come up with really weird opinions about themselves. And we’ll let them be! 

Why Are There More Female Artists On This List? 

After compiling the list of the artists who failed to live up to their hype, we noticed an unusual trend. 60% of the artists on the top 10 list were females.

Do we expect so much more from doing very little to support female artists? Or do these infidelity conspiracy theories that surround the female counterparts in the entertainment industry have a pinch of truth in them? And steer them off the path to longevity?

Whatever the reasons may be for more failed female careers in the entertainment industry, I like not to think that it’s truly a man’s world.

Because of the exceptional results, the female celebrities who have stuck around bring to the table. I rather stick with the allegations that female artists rarely support each other. To me, this is a more logical viewpoint.

Whatever the male folks have achieved, they have done so by standing by their peers or at least leveraging from themselves.

In the end, it just means, the female folks have to collaborate more among themselves. Right? 

Artists Who Failed To Live Up To Their Hype

  • 01. Chidinma
  • 02. Mo Cheddah 
  • 03. Eva Alordiah
  • 04. Phenom
  • 05. Omawumi
  • 06. Sean Tizzle
  • 07. Dammy Krane
  • 08. Cynthia Morgan
  • 09. Di’ja
  • 10. Korede Bello

Other noteworthy mentions:

  • Jesse Jagz
  • Muna (you remember her? – the lyricist)
  •  Emma Nyra
  • Waje
  • May D
  • Vector
  • Harrysong
  • Yung6ix
  • Shaydee
  • Solidstar


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