Zlatan Statue has Fallen, after Several Vandalisation Efforts

Getty Images

The Statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic the Legendary Swedish striker which sits outside Malmo’s Swedbank Stadion has finally been hauled to the ground after being sawed of from the ankle 

Following the announcement In November 2019 of his Investment in Hammarby a local rival in the Swedish Football league the statue had attracted so many vandals who are disgruntled fans of the Malmo club

The reason for their fury is rooted in his 50% stake investment in the Stockholm based football club Hammarby

Zlatan had made his professional debut with Malmo two decades ago for the Swedish club before moving on to conquer most of the Top leagues in Europe before his most recent conquest of the MLS in the United States scoring 52 goals in 56 appearances 

The statue had previously been defaced several times In the past few weeks and had its nose removed before being set ablaze. 

This weekend saw the fall of the statue which was never going to remain actually as the furious fans do not seem to be easing out anytime soon

The statue had initially been protected by a fence erected around it by the police in efforts to prevent further vandalism but all to no avail 

The veteran striker doesn’t seem to be fazed by the events so far at least as suggested by his performance on Friday where he was on the goal sheet in the friendly against fifth tier Italian football team Rhodense 

Zlatan would be looking forward to making his Debut for Milan when they welcome Sampordia to San Siro on Monday 

The San Siro outfit would be hoping for an upturn in fortunes following the arrival of a proven performer as they struggle to rise from the middle to secure European football next season