What You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Brain

fact about the brain

The task of control, for the way you think, act and react have always fallen on the brain.

The brain – although a singular organ, works with almost all the parts of the body by taking information (data), processing it (meanwhile, the brain was the prototype for building a computer system, wink!) and sending out responses or stimulus as it is known in biology to the necessary parts of the body for action to take place.

Our action and responses are a function of how much information is available for the brain to access and how far it has processed it to give the required reaction.

I’ll assume, as we all know, information is sent to the brain through various means especially through our main five senses which include hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling and the sense of smell.

Here are some other interesting facts about your brain:

1. As we have introduced, the brain is a very powerful organ. It contributes only 2% of the entire body mass but consumes 20% of human energy. And this is enough energy to power an electric light bulb.

2. Relatively speaking, we can only afford to use 3-4% of the brain’s entire capacity.

3. The most powerful computer to be made is just a caricature of the brain. The brian in it full capacity can beat any computer or machine ever created by man. You should feel a lot smarter at this point.

4. Information stored in the brain is always there. The only reason people forget things is that in order for accumulate latest memories, some obsolete information is moved from the active part of the brain to a less active part and ultimately to the dormant part of the brain where the information and memory cannot be accessed easily or in worst cases, is inaccessible. Oops! 
05. Memories of events and information provided by the brain can be altered with time.

When thinking about a past event, without recovering the full detail of the event, the next time the brain is tasked with recovering the same event it serves the half information available from the last time and might even offer a portion of the information this time and fills the remaining parts with other information and these continues till the information of the event either disappears or is entirely converted. Tricky huh! Our brain tryna play a fast one on us. Lol. 

Basic Ways To Care For Your Brain

Sleep and adequate rest is the best care for the brain.
The working capacity of the brain can deteriorate if it is not tasked nearly enough. For optimum working condition of the brain, there must be a balance between work, rest and play as stress is another defaulter of the brain.
Here’s a little tip for you, fruits like blueberries turmeric and all other strong colorants are good for the brain. Wink!