Ways to stop cravings for junk foods and sugar

We all have food cravings and it is a powerful physiological reaction .well, what does it actually do to you? Food cravings is a fierce desire for a particular food, could it be veggies? Nah! Cravings are actually for unhealthy, processed foods and sugar which wrecks your weight loss effort.

The desire could be different for everyone, some people could control their cravings and some seems to uncontrollable, and they may not be able to satisfy their hunger until they get the specific food.

What are the causes for Cravings ?

Cravings can be specific or non-specific, meaning people could have cravings for particular food like chocolate, ice cream or burger from a particular restaurant or brand.

Non-specific craving is when people who have no specific desired food they would love to eat, it could be real hunger for food or water.

Cravings is caused by physiological reaction. Your brain is mostly responsible for your cravings.

It could be hormonal changes in your body, such as “leptin” and “serotonin”. Your brain release the hormone called “endorphins”to your body after you see someone is eating. It is a common mirror addiction which people can’t control. A simple example for the mirror addiction is, when our favorite Social media influencer do ASMR eating challenge and your brain releases the endorphins to your body which causes the food cravings. So if you have habits of watching ASMR eating challenge, STOP right now. 

Emotions are another trigger for cravings, when you feel stressed and lonely, you want to binge your day, turns out you might’ve eaten a bag of chips or a bucket of ice cream women have a strong desire for particular foods when they are pregnant, it is due to the hormonal changes and it is totally okay, but always try to control your desire.

If you lack any nutrition, there are chances your body might crave for the missing nutrients food.”

How to stop cravings:

1. Stay hydrated

You might confuse hunger for cravings, there is also a chance that hunger and thirst can produce similar feelings. If you have any desire to eat a particular food, try to drink one or two glass of water and see if you still have the same desire. Drink a glass of water before every meal which can reduce the appetite.

2. Eat proteins

Eating high protein foods can reduce appetite and cravings and also helps you to stay filled and satisfied for longer period. Include lean protein into your diet.

3. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep could help you stay away from unhealthy cravings. Your hunger is affected by the hormones, if you don’t get enough sleep it could affect your appetite and leads to strong cravings. Getting enough sleep helps you to get a healthy lifestyle and it may helps you to lose weight.

4. Portion control

Alwayscontrol your portion. It is better to satisfy your cravings with a small portion. It is also preferable that eating 6 small portion of meals in a day can reduce the level of hunger. 

5. Don’t go food shopping while you’re hungry

Grocery stores are the worst place to go while you’re starving. These stores have all kind of food that you can think of, well it is easy access to your cravings. So eat healthy food and make yourself satisfied before you head to the grocery shopping, it will save you from buying all the junk foods besides you can save few bucks.

6. Control your stress

stress promotes unhealthy eating. Stress is caused by the hormonal changes which can induce your cravings. To control your stress level try meditation or your favourite hobbies to stay away from unhealthy foods.

7. Chewing gum:-

Chewing gum makes your mouth occupied and it may reduce the sweet cravings.

8. Chew your food more than you need to

When you chew your food more than you need to, it makes you eat less, which helps you to reduce weight and hunger, 

9. Keep healthy snacks available

Keep healthy food handy always, it will helps you feel fuller and fight your unhealthy cravings for processed foods.

10.Cutback your junk food cravings gradually

cut back your bad cravings gradually, for example if you eat the whole chocolate bar in a day, try to eat only half and then work on to down your portion, take baby steps. Soon you will be seeing the results.

Cravings are common issues and we all experience it oftentimes. What we can do is that meditate on the above discussed tips and be aware of your cravings. It will makes more easier to eat healthy and to lose weight. Don’t push hard on yourself, try to take baby steps and soon you would be able to cut down your bad eating habits.