The Reason for the Success behind Davido’s FEM: Addressing current or trendy personal issues.


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We’ll delve right into the subject matter of how Davido’s FEM has become his highest-charting song yet on the US iTunes peaking at No. 19.

The controversy that has surrounded the 30BG camp since it’s inception was heightened upon the arrival of huncho vibes, Peruzzi. This sensational singer but mostly loved for his songwriting ability proved his pen game on songs like Aje, Mind, Assurance, Twisted, Aza and the monster hit single FIA. All songs he gifted to DMW and his label head Davido upon his arrival to the team. So quickly he snatched the attention of music enthusiasts, listeners and creators and of course the heart of Davido.With songs like those just listed above who would dear doubt that he was the mastermind behind “Amaka” by 2 Baba.

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Once Davido got back with his astute manager Asa Asika on 30th January 2017, it signaled the return of a king who had lost his Midas touch after his split from longtime friend and manager Asika between 2013 and 2014. In the time of their separation, while Asika went on to launch his other businesses and working with other artists like BOJ, Naeto C & D’banj, Davido released his poorest outing of music content on the EP “Son Of Mercy” with the aid of his then-manager Kamal Ajiboye.

It was after the reuniting of Davido and his first manager Asika that he jumped on his ferry of monster hits and reign – dominating Afrobeats charts, awards, and recognitions. In the same year of their rekindled partnership, the pair signed Peruzzi. And from then on, it became a steady stream of endearing tunes accompanied by speculative social media rounds. But this was only a piece off the entire pie from which the DMW camp feasted. They had uncovered a template for making hits. They had understood their root audiences and untapped the genius of storytelling.

While Peruzzi would share his love adventures, fantasies, and disappointments, Davido would not cease to remind his followers of his affluent background and his ability to rapidly enhance the life of his peers, affiliates, and love interests. The pair were unstoppable, irresistible; yet predictable, nonetheless remarkable! Teamed with ‘sweet’ beats from Fresh, Kiddominant, and a few other select producers, the awards, shows, and charts were all theirs for the taking.
Addressing experiences, aspirations, and dreams are very powerful tools in making listeners latch on your every word as a speaker, leader, or as proven by the DMW gang. But none as impactful as addressing current situations. Music has since evolved from being just the art of combining sounds that are pleasant to the ears, to becoming the entirety of a person’s lifestyle, journey, principles, beliefs, life, and death. And so, an artist must express in their music, their image, and personality even before their artistry comes to bear.
As we all know humans are emotional beings, and we love to connect to that aspect of our consciousness endlessly. I’m going somewhere, just a minute…In June 2019, Naira Marley’s upcoming artist label was ripped apart upon the arrival of his banger “Soapy”. It’s no coincidence that the song was an exact narration of his stay in the police net.”Assurance” by Davido resonated throughout Africa not only for its brilliance in production but also because of the awe of expressing admiration to his girlfriend Chioma on not just another love ballad but on a song specifically written in the spur of the moment; all while he was flaunting her on social media with gifts and praises. Still, on Davido, we all too well remember the excitement and anxiety Davido’s verse on Humblesmith’s “Osinachi” remix brought. Same heat of the moment appeal

I can go on and on with instances of the impact of making music that reflects the moment. The argument would be that trendy songs are mostly only sensational and have no eternal or lasting impression. But that argument is contestable with a few songs to prove like Eedris Abdulkareem’ Jaga Jaga, Styl Plus’ Iya Basira, 2 Baba’s “E be like say” “kuchi kuchi” by Jodie, and more recently Simi’ “Duduke” and Burna Boy’s “Level Up”.

On Level Up, Burna Boy showed his vulnerability by highlighting his Grammy Award loss to Angelique Kidjo. Apart from the inspirational and ecstatic delivery from Youssou N’Dour, tackling the trendy issue on the song was a major mix to its general appeal. And that was the missing ingredient on his second single “Odogwu” after the masterpiece African Giant.
As at the time Odogwu was released, Burna Boy was caught in a web of online rants and backlash from celebrities and fans alike but he chose to ignore that essence on his single. And invariably diminishing the impact the song would have garnered. For a moment consider this, what do you think would have been the outcome of the single Odogwu had Burna Boy touched his fall out with social media and criticism for his blatant egotistic statement about being the best and working his way up the stairs with no help or mentoring?

You get the point now?

FIA become more meaningful and personal when you thought back and realized that Davido was addressing the allegations surrounding the deaths of his close allies and not merely rhyming words.

In the same way, Diddy who executive-produced Burna Boy’s album “Twice As Tall” is heard on Real Life prepping Burna; “You know music is, and the music you making is life, and it’s like new life it’s important for me to understand the state of mind and the life you live and where you’re, you know, where you’re at right now”
This is where music is at the moment. Music is your life. Music is life; both for artists, creators, and consumers.
Thus, Diddy had to understand Burna Boy’s state of mind and current reality to help him make the appropriate inputs as an executive producer on the project.
In the same way, Peruzzi squashed the rape allegations against him on the song “Lagbaja”

Peruzzi Seeks Self-Vindication With Lagbaja

Davido replicated with FEM to silence his contemporaries and reaffirm his dominance.

The song itself cannot be ranked amongst Davido’s Top 30 songs based on lyricism, production, delivery, or artistry but in the shortest time, it set the record for Nigeria’s fastest streamed YouTube music video amassing over 5 million views in less than a week. All on the heels of addressing current or trendy personal issues. And now these mind-blowing figures are setting the momentum for his forthcoming album “A Better Time”