Positive effects of Meditation in Diabetes Management

Samuel Silitonga via Pexels

We are currently living in a fast-paced society were people couldn’t spend at least 10 minutes to sit and take a deep breath and focus on the  inner self of the body, in fact the meditation has an important role in our day to day life, it has been practiced for thousands of years in different cultures all over the world, studies have shown that meditation has able to calm your inner self and your mind which benefits you mentally and physically, recent research has proved that meditation helps to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease as high blood pressure. 

Many people have been caught up in the pursuit  of attaining a  successful life Well It is important to find a valuable time for yourself, and you may find it necessary to try meditation for one of the reasons below

  • Meditation helps reduce  stress level 
  • It helps to lower the blood pressure 
  • Better diabetes control 
  • Control the blood sugar level 
  • it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease 

Types of meditation 

There are various types of meditations that would help to improve the health , it also has the  potential for more than just temporary stress relief,  however there is not a single way to do meditation which is good news, as this allows people to explore various types of meditation until they find the one that works for them. Here are some meditations that would help to improve an individual both physically and emotionally.

  • Mindfulness Meditation 

Practicing Mindful meditation helps to focus on your present life rather than dwelling on your past or future life and it also helps to manage diabetes. You can practice this meditation anywhere  either in a grocery store waiting in line or waiting for a ride, you could take a deep breath and calmly notice your surroundings including the smell, sounds and sights and experience the changes in your life.

  • Present Moment Awareness 

It is important to live in the present moment of  life because this is the right time to make  changes in  life. This meditation is very effective in overcoming stress and anxiety. If you have a blissful life that’s emotionally and physically balanced its not so common to suffer from diabetes and physical illness 

How important is to practice meditation if you have Diabetes?

We all know that practicing meditation regularly benefits the body physically and mentally, well how does it aid the management of diabetes? We all deal with stress on a daily basis  people who suffer from diabetes are more likely to have high levels of stress which elevate the blood sugar level which in turn leads to unhealthy cravings . Regular practice of Meditation acts as a tool that deals with stress and it helps to lower the blood pressure, keeps your heart rate moderate and allowing for a a more relaxed feeling.