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• Stay Safe!

• Health Is Your Wealth

• General Tips On Care Of The Body

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Everyone realises the importance to stay healthy – physically, mentally and psychologically ..either now or eventually. But for us at 101fact, better now than later!

Being healthy simply means being free from all forms of distortion and restrictions from the normal workings of the body system and organs. These activities of the body I am referring to can be distorted and restricted by external factors like infections, sicknesses, and diseases – all of which lead to one, the other, both or even more – pain, inability to carry out one’s daily activities or even death, sadly.
Living a healthy life requires a great deal of caring for the body. This has never been more important than it is today, in the wake of the incessant pandemic which can be prevented to a large extent by taking care of one’s self

Here are some tips on general care of the body


This is the easiest way to live infection-free. Disease-causing germs, viruses, and bacterial cannot breed on clean surfaces. Cleaning your body parts means regular baths (at least twice daily) and thoroughly with soap and clean water. Just so you know, medicated soap also kills germs already grooming on body or surfaces. Regular washing of hands under running water with soap as often as possible; an effective substitute would be the use of hand sanitizers.
As for the environment, regular sweeping and cleaning activities should be practiced and all refuse properly disposed of.


This affects the organs and systems of the body directly. Your body converts what you eat into the required nutrients needed to carry out its intended functions. Hence, a faulted diet definitely will result in a faulted body system. So, eating all the classes of food in the right proportion will satisfy the needs of the body and this can be achieved through balanced dieting.
Food classes such as fats and carbohydrates are only needed in small quantities while foods containing vitamins and minerals are needed more by the body. You should also avoid, or the least reduce harmful intakes like alcohol, processed food, and genetically modified foods (GMF). This is the primary cause of cancer and abnormal body growth.


Your body is a machine with mechanical parts. When these parts are worked effectively, they lead to fitness and wellness. Simple push-ups, crunches, and squats are enough to get you running on the treadmill.
Some health benefits of exercise include weight control along with dieting, sugar & insulin control, reduction in the risks of heart diseases, improvement of sexual health, sleep and strengthening of bones and muscles, maintenance of sharp mental and psychological processes, learning, and judgment skills. Aren’t these enough reasons to exercise yet, or should I go on ..?


This is a psychological train that has been proven to be effective in living a healthy life. Happiness is a requirement in living a long and healthy life. How to be happy is entirely dependent on individuals. For most, it is found in doing what they love, spending time with people they care about, going places they dream of, or simply finding peace within themselves by careful observation and total involvement in whatever it is they do. There is no one method of finding happiness or experiencing joy; whatever works for you, works! Therefore, the key to happiness is doing what works. Although happiness often seems impossible, it is always within your reach.

Reach for happiness today