Finding Your Happy Place

Finding Your Happy Place

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• The Myth Of Unconditional Love

• 3 Incentives Of Building A Relationship

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They are only a few things anyone can utterly live without. Fortunately, inter-personal relations is not one of those very few things.
The innate desire or need to share one’s time, intellect, emotions, experiences, resources and ultimately one’s life with another is inevitable, unquestionable; although sometimes regrettable, the experience is always worth the time invested.

Relationships have become the bedrock upon which most of life’s decisions are hinged. The mental, physiological, and physical health of everyone is always relatable to the quality of relationships they keep. And this is not even a debatable subject.

Kamsi Bob-Snawley

The question of needing and keeping company has always and will always be rhetorical whereas, the question that is answerable is what kind of company should one keep?

In the global wake of acceptance and privileges, a person should be able to relate, initiate communication and commitment to whomsoever suits their preference. Whether with an opposite gender or a person of same gender, the choice of relationships is gradually becoming a decision of the parties involved rather than the Government’s.

Truly, the intentions behind extending a hand in friendship between various people vary. But universally, there are numerous perks to sharing one’s intimate affairs with another

Exchange Of Paradigms

It really doesn’t matter if a person intends to or not. In the simple act of association, realities, ideas, logic, lessons and other intangible values are exchanged. Thus, one must be sure to be informed about the people they choose to hang out with. Although this is not a matter of morality or civility, eventually, it leaves a lasting impression on the parties involved

A Shoulder To Lean On

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of being loved?Who doesn’t want to be the center of someone else’s world?Who hasn’t a single strand of love to give off?
There’s no love affair, relationship or friendship that isn’t built on some form of leverage. Whether the incentive is obvious, intended, or sublime, there is always a reward for spending time with another. It doesn’t matter if it’s simply to boost one’s confidence, or gain social inclusion, sex, advice or you name it, there’s always a bait.


Of course one or all the benefits listed above would certainly bring anyone bliss, joy or happiness.As much as anyone would ravish and bask in their own company, the satisfaction promises to be heightened when around loved ones, peers, groups, friends, and of course family.
The human body will naturally inject more “happy” hormones like oxytocin, testosterone and dopamine into the system when a person is in their happy place.

Find Your Happy Place!