Dual Applications: How to run Two WhatsApp Account and Similar Apps on one Android Phone

Cloning of Apps in  android has been around for a while, but usually this feature is offered by applications downloaded from the play store like Parallel space , clone app, Dual Space but most of this applications comes with advertisements except a user subscribes for the premium versions

In a recent developments mobile phone makers like the Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei , Honour, now offer features identical to the that provided by the app cloning applications allowing users to have two different accounts of the same applications run simultaneously on the device without the hassle of downloading a third party app or paying for premium

This means you no longer need two phones to have dual WhatsApp accounts or the inconvenience of adverts in the app cloning applications or paying for premium applications 

Here is how to activate your dual whatsApp and any other compatible apps on some of your android powered mobiles 

Samsung – Dual Messenger 

Settings  > Advanced features  > Dual Messenger 

Oppo – Clone Apps

Settings > Clone App 

Asus – Twin apps

Settings > Twin apps  

Huawei and Honor – App Twin

Settings>  App Twin

Vivo – App clone

Settings > App clone

Xiaomi (MIUI) –  Dual apps

Settings >  Dual Apps

Open the Settings on your Smartphone Click on Advanced features

Click on the Dual Messenger Option

Click on the Application you wish to clone ( In this case Facebook)

Note that this functions works in most cases with only Dual sim Android devices , but if you don not have a dual sim device , then you could download the applications that provide same services from the Playstore like Parallel space , clone app, Dual Space