Burna Boy: A Good Time To Be “Twice As Tall”

Burna boy

• #1 Album On Apple Music Worldwide

• Burna Boy Dumps The LGBT Community

• Twice As Tall Racing For 1 Billion Streams

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Burna Boy has been riding the wave of his #1 album Twice As Tall since its release on 14th August 2020. From the general review, the album is a worthy sequel to the African Giant masterpiece. Netting an executive-produce from music mogul Diddy was indeed a new feat for an African act. Although the album was 80% complete before Diddy hopped on to add his witty touch, the inclusion of Timbaland, Anderson.Paak, Chris Martin and Naughty by Nature – legendary hip hop trio who Burna adored as a kid seems to have been his brainchild.

In an interview by GQ, his mother reminisced his earliest memories;”At restaurants, baby Burna would jump up on tables and perform. Instead of nursery rhymes,” his mother says “he’d be singing Naughty by Nature’s ‘Hip Hop Hooray.’ He got so good at it we would get free food.”

Apart from ascending music charts, Twice As Tall is also in the news for Homophobic criticism. Just about 2 weeks before the release of Twice As Tall, UK singer Sam Smith dropped a collaboration with Burna “My Oasis”. Besides receiving thumbs for his display of versatility and proving his growing flair with international acts, Burna was applauded for supporting the LGBT community by jumping on a song with Sam.In a sharp contrast to this gesture, his newly released album is now being criticized for spewing homophobia. On “Wetin Dey Sup” he opens the energetic song with;”I no be one of those men wey dey fear toto fuck nyashCheck am, na kpakoro pa”

For an artist who just released a collaboration with an openly declared gay man, you would understand the frustrations and grievances of Twitter NG and others on such a sensitive subject
The next track on the album also reiterates this initial outburst by Burna boy. Real Life with UK grime king Stormzy reads..”I know say nobody is an islandBut if dem wan fuck you for nyash, make you no lie down”Although these lyrics have contextual and implied interpretations, for someone as explorative as Burna, a different choice of words would have saved him this toll

In another bold declaration, he throws shade at China for notably producing and exporting substandard, fake or counterfeit products and goods to underdeveloped African countries like his roots, Nigeria.”Somebody want to wear the shoe wey no size amMe, I be Destiny’s Child, a survivor real, no be China Come here, I’ve been the guy and nothing I ever said ever been a lie”On Real Life, Burna Boy not only makes bold statements about the LGBT community and China, but he also revisited his squabble with fellow Nigerian popstar Davido.In May 2020, Burna and Davido had a cold war on social media over what was considered an unnecessary thug between both acts. 

In an Instagram post, Davido promoted his earlier announced album “A Better Time” which he hinted would be released in July 2020. Burna Boy then mocked the impact the album would have on its release considering his sequel to African Giant was scheduled to drop at about the same time.

Although neither giants directly addressed the issue, it was Davido’ gang member Aloma that got trapped in the exchange of keypad misles. After Aloma’s apology to Davido and Burna for his inapt involvement, the two pop stars appeared to let the matter go unattended. But not until the release of Real Life on Twice As Tall. Burna Boy appeared to throw shots at Davido’ sophomore album “A Good Time”

“That’s the way it is on the south side I no go let you slide, no, not this time But now I’m tryna ride, fuck a good time Goodbye”

A Good Time was the first African album to have generated a billion streams. The second African album to achieve this feat is African Giant which crossed a billion streams on 13th August 2020 – barely 24 hours before its sequel Twice As Tall. Although Burna now has a billion streams, it took him 384 days to get a billion streams while Davido amassed a billion streams in a record 249 days

Twice As Tall was widely nodded for recording over 5 million streams in the first hour of its release. With the album already peaked at no. 1 on the Apple Music Worldwide Top Albums (All Genres), it sure seems like “A Good Time To Be Twice As Tall”