Artificial Intelligence: How will it transform the Internet?

Artificial Intelligence

• Importance of AI in the world today

• What is Artificial Intelligence?

• What’s areas of our life would AI affect?

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is the technology that transforms a computer to think, operate, and act human-like.

This process is possible by taking in data and information from its surroundings.

After collecting this data, it will then decide on a response based on what it has learned and sensed.

AI is becoming an integral part of our society without a doubt

Machines are getting better and better at learning and processing information similar to human.

People can utilize Artificial Intelligence to do impressive tasks and jobs faster than any human can.

That is why people use AI with almost everything to speed up the manual process. In the present day, you can find AI in all sorts of industries.

This development can only prove that the importance of AI in our everyday life is equivalent to efficiency and accuracy.


In the Banking sector Artificial Intelligence improves the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of everyday human tasks identifying highly suspicious transactions that can result in fraud.
 AI can adapt fast and calculate a more accurate credit scoring than any manual process can, it will lessen human error and the possibility of security leaks.


AI is also equipped to analyze a factory’s IoT (Internet of Things). Thanks to the data that streams from all the interconnected equipment, it can make a detailed analysis of the factory’s operation. It can predict machine life and its productivity to reduce costs.

Health care

AI-powered software and equipment can provide fast and accurate X-ray readings and laboratory results. Before lab results could take hours before yielding results. But now, with smart equipment available in hospitals, health care is better than ever.

Building website

You might be surprised to hear it, but there are already companies working on AI algorithms that can build websites. The most prominent examples are Wix ADI, Grid, and Firedrop.
The AI assistant can determine the type of site you are making and offers suggestions. Unlike before, where you have to hire a website developer and designer, you can now cut costs and opt for an AI designer.

Automated Customer service

A study suggests that in the year 2020, machines will take over 85% of customer interactions. This research means that humans powering these channels may soon find themselves replaced by AI.

For example, Taco Bell is working on a chatbot that enables customers to order takeout food through a Slack channel.
Chatbots exist for many different channels, including social platforms as well as WordPress. They can learn from interactions and add answers to their libraries automatically. When they get more complex, vendors will be able to move the personal in-store experience online.

Voice search

Voice-powered AI assistants like Alexa, Siri,Bixby and Google Assistant has become a part of most homes in the past few years.

So, it is not impossible for online stores to adapt to this technology in the future. Imagine talking to online retail assistant online, how convenient will that be?

In the future, you will be able to talk to your favorite shopping websites the same way you do to your phone or home appliance. Plus, as language processing evolves, the possibilities will only get bigger.

Risk management

AI is helping businesses to have a better understanding of day to day operations.

Not to mention how good it is in predicting risks that are attached to the information traveling via the internet.

It can also help with deploying a rapid response during unforeseen accidents such as financial losses and cyber threats.

Content creation

As any professional writer will tell you, one of the largest parts of creating content is doing the research. Reading and compiling information and bringing it into an order is time intensive.

AI and content creation are made possible and currently being improved thanks to algorithms that are continuously getting updated.

With Google’s religious updates in recent years, online content has shifted from the one ruled by keyword stuffing to real digestible content directed at human readers. But of course, the SEO elements are still mixed in.

As a matter of fact, AI journalism has been around for a while as machines can now automatically generate content like business reports, hotel descriptions, stock insights, and sport event recaps.

In conclusion

AI is revolutionizing the internet as we know it. With tons of automation available, not to mention the rise of virtual assistants, we can say that the future is upon us.

The constant evolution of technology that is furthered fueled by humanity’s desire for progress has propelled the rise of AI.

Of course, this will also affect the digital space, maybe even more so. Above, we have seen that artificial intelligence will transform major parts of the Internet.

From doing rudimentary web design tasks and helping to personalize websites, they might someday build entire web presences.

How do you feel about the emergence of AI? What other changes could you imagine? Let us know in the comments section below!