A complete guide to Low carb diet

There are various ways to lose weight faster, one of the best ways of losing your weight fast is going under low carb diet. This isn’t just about losing weight, following low carb diet should increase your overall health.

What exactly is low carb diet?

Low carbohydrate diet is a diet that restricts or limits carbohydrates intake. Food high in carbohydrates are replaced with high protein and fat, and low carb foods.

What does carbohydrates do for you?

The primary function of Carbohydrate is to provide your body with energy. When you follow low carb diet, your body uses fat and protein to produce energy. 

Well, talking about carbohydrates , there are good and bad carbs. Choosing healthy carbs can be a good option for better health.

Why do you need low carbohydrates

Studies have shown that 45 to 65 percent of your calories are from carbs. If you trying to lose weight you should consider taking fewer carbs, because it has been proven to reduce the appetite level which will result in losing weight faster.

Low carb diet is much better option for weight loss than considering low fat diet It is a healthy and effective way to shred extra pounds. This diet is recommended for people who are having difficulty in losing weight or in need  of a faster result in their weight loss journey.

Low carb diet limit your carb intake, which means you’re not allowed to eat processed foods, refined sugar and starches like pasta, breads, rice etc and replace with high protein, fats and definitely healthy vegetables.

Low carb has more benefits that go way beyond just weight loss. It will help to lower your blood sugar and blood pressure level. Many people have suggested that low carb diet is healthier version than low fat diet.

How much carb do you need 

There is no particular figure for low carb diet, carbs intake depends on your daily activity level and definitely it varies between individuals, for example if your are a physically active person and have more muscle mass you would need more carbs than people who are physically inactive. 

You can decide your carb intake according to your preference. The simple way to choose carb is to find what is healthy and unhealthy carbs are, in this way you can set your low carb diet.

How to make a right carbs choices 

Not every carbs are made equal. Carbs can be referred to as “simple” and “complex” carbs. So what is simple carbs? It’s nothing but sugar. The main simple carbs are raw or brown sugar,

Corn or maple syrup, glucose, fructose, sucrose etc.

You should avoid simple carbs such as breakfast cereals, soda, cookies, ice cream, fried foods, chocolates and candies, baked treats and processed fruit juice.

What is complex carb? Complex carbs has more nutrients than simple carbs. Complex carbs are suitable for weight control and complex carbs contain fibre and starch, in which fibre has more nutritional value than starch.

You can eat complex carbs such as whole grain, beans, fibre rich fruits and vegetables, quinoa, nuts and seeds etc.

Low carb diet may not works for everyone, some may need more carbs to function their body. It depends on their age, gender, physical strength and activity and how fast is your metabolism. You should choose your carbs intake according to your physical health and strength. 

Try to keep everything in moderation and choose what is works for you.